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Monday, March 5, 2007

My very first blog entry ....

warning:This blog intends to put some ideas that most of us would have but we will never get around to saying it out loud...This is written by the alter ego of a poor soul floundering through this is written by an alter ego no one dares questions the id for the content in this blog under any circumstances

Here we go.......Dere is some sort of pleasure almost boundering on the voyeuristic that u get ven u read someone else's blog..... mainly the reason is that people find it very comfortable baring themselves to someone almost unknown whereas v cud live a whole lifetime with a person without knowing his/her secrets.......i have read (obviously on others blogs) how they are overjoyed when their very first blog comes up with some of them even equating it to the birth of their firstborn.Some how i cant figure it out how you feel ecstatic and overjoyed when u get to write a blog??I think those people should go get a life and for starters should try to have a kid(this particular scentence is unacceptable in certain literary circles).Then there is the other possibility that i must b totally mistaken and mite not know the exact feelings associated with the birth of a firstborn.Well the emotion that i am going through rite now is mainly a profound sense of loss somewhat like ven u injure urselves and know u wont be able to play ur favorite sport anymore....u know dat a part of you has been lost and can never b taken back....mayb this is the same sort of feeling that amputees go through when dey have lost a limb; the so called phantom limb phenomeno.U might ask wat is it dat i might lose by posting things that is done by an alter ego, the point is even an alter ego mite have secrets and its shameless of u to ask to bare it before that we have skimmed through the statuatory warning and the intro, i hope to continuously post on some sort of a regular basis...and for the record forgive me(like who cares???) if the frequency of my regular basis is weekly,fortnightly,monthly or even quarterly(dont worry, if the frequency is lesser that then i must have given up on this blog and moved on to greener pastures!!! )


  1. it does feel like an alter ego as i really cudnt get what u were trying to say....

    i feel u believe that u are capable of doing something big but are being wasted (and hence poor soul) here.