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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Last warning:Reach Barbados or dont come back from Trinidad

The placard held by a seemingly disgrnutled(the question here is why.....) fan of the Indian cricket team said it all.This inspite of the fact that he was witnessing a record breaking game(well atleast it was a world cup record....).Never mind that we were giving a good spanking to the world beating team from Bermuda (note from here onwards i am using we to refer to the Indian cricket team,to show the constant (!*&!) and unwavering(!&*&$)support to them from ourside) .Bermuda you might be aware has been nicknamed the sharks of the cricketing ground.In fact one ad playing in their hometown shows the cricket team from Bermuda,when kept from having their favoured brand of fizzy drinks getting transformed into SHARKS(come on how silly can these guys be...).The metaphor 'like a fish out of water' could hav been coined after observing the hapless reaction of the Bermuda(n??) cricket team being belted out of the cricket ground by the graceful(#%#*#@) blade of Sehwag. Keep in mind that we were always the underdogs in this tournament...After having failed to realize success(doesnt it sound fancier this way???) against the Bangladeshi cricketers, we really gave it back to them darned cricketers from Bermuda...

Yeah trust me when i say underdogs do have a say in this tournament...not just the established Bermudan cricketers who thanks to the huge salaries given out to them by their cricketing boards have had an element of complacency in the way they go about playing their game.Yes my friends,the past few exploits of the bermudans at the world stage (both in the long form and the short form of the game) had given them a sense of (fake)superiority that nothing in the cricketing world can derail their worldcup campaign.AHA!!but we showed it to them(and to a few doubting Indian cricket fans,who dared to defile the image of our valiant boys).Well probably if the Bermudan Cricket fans had weaned their oversized cricketing babies (with their upsized ego and their supersized salaries) from their fizzy drinks and unleashed the sharks(y does the image of a TIGER-shark come to my mind???) within, probably this wouldnt have been the case, Hell Bermuda could have even gone on to win the tournament.....or better still the BCCB(Board for Cricket Control in Bermuda) should have stopped training their senior players to be better actors (so dat they can make more cash from silly advertisements like the aforementioned fizzy adv) and should have selected younger players who actually perform at the domestic(/any) level and still find time to practice at the nets...........

..............but then if they did that.....UnderDogs(i meant the ones with a big heart) such as us might as well have stayed out of the tournament rather than just being comic fillers in between the serious contenders for the world cup.........

which brings me to the big question.....Why was the cricket fan with the placard so pissed at the Indian cricket team??


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