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Monday, March 9, 2009

Take the bus, make big bucks!

I have read about how, after an aviation accident, airlines take out full page ads informing their passengers how safe flying really is.
However, the fact remains that I refuse to buy any of it. This could be a direct result of the pre-flight instruction: "In the case of the unlikely event of a water landing....". At least they called it right. Crash landing on water and making it in one piece is as unlikely as touring Pakistan, as a cricketer,without being shot upon. All of a sudden, we realize why the Hudson miracle was touted as a miracle.
Keeping this in mind, its heartening to know that there are others who are taking an in-your-face approach towards apprehending the fears of passengers.
The other day, I had boarded a K.S.R.T.C Airavat heading towards Bangalore. Being really bored with the familiar sights whizzing past, my eyes fall on the latest edition of 'Travel Karnataka'. I pray that you do not rush to a newsstand, as chances of picking up a copy of the 'Travel Karnataka' from a newsstand is pretty slim. Supposedly, its circulation had reached an all time high of 1 magnanimous reader as soon as I took it out of a waste basket. Anyway, this ad, placed in it by K.S.R.T.C. , grabs my attention:
In case you got carried away by the oh-so-fake graphics and the funky green background, I request you to check out the encircled point:

Yes, I know. What an effective way to persuade people to take the bus, right? Not only are they sure that you are a goner on traveling with them, they have even insured you for such regular occasions.
So the next time you are traveling in Karnataka, take the bus, grab a copy of the 'Travel Karnataka' and salivate at the thought of the big bucks that you could (God forbid) make!
P.S.: This blog post has been brought to you from an exhausted N82.
Mandatory disclosure: No Nokias were hurt in the making of this post.


  1. their tag line says..."connecting karnataka with care"..
    and what do you think that "care" meant? ;-D

  2. @silverine: Thanks! Good to know that someone found the humor in the situation!

  3. @mathew: LOL! If that is so, let me mangle a quote from Thomas Gray to get this:
    "Where care is making dead people rich, tis folly to be cared for"
    P.S. My apologies to Thomas Gray

  4. Haha! This is hilarious! I'll be in B'lore next month, but I think I'll pass the offer. :P

  5. @sauron Thanks! But I seriously think you should give it a try, after all The Dark Lord should be scared of hobbits with rings, not of killer buses!

  6. what an incentive to travel...
    All those who seek adventure..Hit the roads with K.S.R.T.C..One helluva journey..if u r there to remember..