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Friday, March 20, 2009

A Tale of two WHAT?

Before starting of with this post, let me apologize to anyone who maybe offended by me taking the name of a classic in vain. Considering the fact that movies have to put up with name changes thanks to offended communities, it wont be long before we have people offended with nonsensical blogposts.
However, I refuse to apologize for this story I put forth. This incident takes place in my engineering days, when I was an inmate of the men hostel. Isn't it strange that they refer to people who reside in Hostels as inmates? I thought inmates was used to refer to those-who-we-don't-dare-make-fun-of-for-fear-of-our-lives. In other words, People safely locked away in mental asylums and prisons.
Come to think of it, our hostel was part loony house and part correction facility.
In our mad house hostel, we used to have these impromptu gatherings in a hapless victim's room. Dapaankoothu music was almost always on the CD players, barring the few months when we repeatedly played Jassi Gifts 'Lejjavathi'. We imposed a moratorium on 'Lejjavathi' once we realized that we had started talking to each other in Gibberish rap, the language in which the song was recorded. Some of the studious types amongst us were never happy with the idea of us taking a break in their rooms. A classic case of which was Dildesh*. Needless to say, this reluctance was a green signal for us to invite ourselves to his room.
So there we were, chilling in Dildesh's room, soaking in the music, discussing Advanced Digital Signal Processing the hot girls in our rival college. All of a sudden, the ring of a cellphone interrupts us. As Dildesh was taking a shower, one of us in the room goes over to answer the phone. He picks up the cellphone and barely takes a look at it, when he rolls onto the floor, laughing rather hysterically.
Not realizing what had caused this reaction, we were all shocked for a moment. Impossible scenarios darted through our analytical minds: Could it be something like 'The Ring'? You pick up this phone call and laugh yourselves to death?
I braced for the worst and stepped over my still-hysterically-laughing friend to pick up the phone. I picked up the phone and looked into the display. Which was when I realized what had prompted the ROFL reaction:

There, on the display was the innocent message identifying the caller:

"Papa3 Calling..."

*- Dildesh was a typical example of the innovative nicknames we had in college. No, I wont be revealing what it means. No, I wont tell you what mine was.
P.S: It wasn't what you thought it out to be, you Perv! Dildesh went on to clarify that as his ancient phone could only store a number against a contact, this was his ingenious solution to store his Dad's many phone numbers.


  1. this is real gud one;-DDDDD...

  2. We should start a separate blog for "Dildesh Stories".. ;-)

  3. still papa 3..calling..?wow..if not for the explanation.. :P

  4. @jeena Thanks for the comment.

    @Sreejith Kumar I am guessing that you liked this post. Thanks for the comment.

    @Cyberfox In case we start a seperate blog for "Dildesh Stories", I may have to make it my full time job!

    @Me *Ahem* Its precisely for people like you that, I added the explanation. How could you even think of such a thing? :P

  5. le karliyo baat :P
    Hum kahe keh rahe they..
    doesn't help if genetics interest me u see..:D
    aur dekha jaeye toh it's an interesting way of referring to great granpa..
    papa 1 ur dad,
    papa 2= mom/dad's dad
    papa 3= unke dad..

  6. @Me It feels weird when i address you as @Me. Never mind. Aha, thanks for the added info. How wrong I was, to misunderstand your honest comments! Please accept my apologies.
    I really doubt if his great grand dad was so tech savvy that he had a cellphone for himself. Anyway, I was just saying...