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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Abu Dhabi: First thoughts

My head felt as if it had a thousand tons applied on it, the feeling you get when you cram overnight for board exams. The fool of a pilot thought it wise to depressurize the aircraft only a couple of minutes before hitting terra firma. I looked around, only to figure out that the rapid depressurization was having the same effect on others in the aircraft.
After going through the above paragraph, I have come to the conclusion that there is no future for me as a pulp fiction writer.What the hell, whats important is that I have reached the place where I was born!
Yes my friends, I am in Abu Dhabi as we speak/blog. After the rather painful incident in the aircraft, I thought it only fit to go over to my cousins place and have them join in my pain! My moms advise to catch one of the free (you heard it right, fellow cheapskates: FREE) buses doing the rounds was promptly turned down so that I could walk the distance. This was the city I walked my legs off for innumerable tuitions : what better way to catchup with it?
On the way, I see some kids wearing the uniform of my school, ADIS. This, when they should have been dozing of in Mr. Fanta's* chemistry lessons. They say change is constant, but somethings never change!
Walking further down the road, I notice that someone had decided to weed away any non-20th century influences, the city may have had. The familiar Souq (old market) has given way to some modern looking monstrosity, the apartments with the Giant billboard has vanished into thin air. I watch stunned, as I see that the school buses in which i had to sweat and grin until the 10 th standard, now seems to provide air conditioned comfort. The utility of this, when the mercury is at 16 degrees, is highly questionable though.
I will soon be catching up with the friends who made this city special. Have no clues on what to expect, hope a few pleasant surprises are thrown my way.

* Real names cleverly concealed to protect Privacy Reputation.


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